Glasglow Girls Club event | 17 June 2017

Hello lovelies,

Yesterday Saturday 17th June 2017 I attended the Glasglow Girls Club pop-up event. I found out about the event through the Facebook group and I decided that I would go along. The event was organised by a lovely lady called Laura and I have to say wow she done such an amazing job!

There were so many amazing retailers from Tempo tea bar , to amazing independent shops including; Flutterby Gift Boutique who I actually bought a stunning bag from which will be featured on my Instagram and in an upcoming blog post. Candelle & Co selling their amazing smelling products which I will be buying in the near future after smelling them all I’ve fallen in love. There were also amazing demonstrations by some really interesting girls including Emii from Ryot Grl and three lovely members of the Glasglow Wing Chun class, the classes sound amazing and I really want to go along and try one one day.

There was space for networking which was very well thought out -well done again Laura- I sat and chatted with some other bloggers and people who had their own companies it was so interesting to hear other people talk about what they do and how they started. I did have a disaster with some tea and had to run to Primark to get a new top which just added to the excitement of the day.

Overall the day was full of chatting shopping and being inspired to put so much more work into my blog which can only be a good thing. I have met some lovely people and I actually won in the raffle too which is awesome. I also now was to join a Wing Chun class and a yoga class lol.

Thank you again to the lovely Laura who put the whole event together and to everyone I met it was so lovely meeting you all. I hope everyone had a lovely day and I really hope there will be more event’s like this in the future.

Chloe xoxo

Glasglow Girls Club Facebook Page

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