My Emergency Kit || In my handbag…

Hello Lovelies,

So when I was pondering around Primark in Edinburgh the other day I picked up this little “Mermaid Essentials” kit which was on sale for only £2. I decided I would turn this into my little emergency kit for in my bag or in my car full of all the essentials I might need for any situation. I thought I could share what I’ve put in my little bag with you all. I am a panicker I am forever needed painkillers or plasters or a bobble and girls you must know what it’s like trying to rummage through your bag for a bobble in the heat, not anymore all the stuff I need in this one handy compact case.


This is the cute little holographic bag that I got.  It actually fits so much in it for being such a small size! Look at all the things that I have in my little bag and there’s space for lots more little bits. The bag itself is made from a material that is easy to wipe off and it actually comes with most of the stuff in it I just added a few extras that I personally decided that I might need with me.


So what is actually in my emergency kit-

  1. Painkillers – I am forever getting headaches.
  2. Chewing Gum
  3. Hair bobbles
  4. Safety pins
  5. Face Wipes
  6. Tissues
  7. Mini Perfume
  8. Cotton Buds
  9. Cotton Rounds
  10. Plasters
  11. Nail File
  12. Earring Backs and a Spare Cartilage piercing bar.

Anything I have underlined in the list above came with the kit when I bought it which is amazing for the price!! So I think I am ready for everything, if you had a kit like this in your bag or car what would you add to it. Remember if you want this cute little holographic bag head into your local Primark and see if they have any in stock!

Chloe xoxo

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