Monthly Favourites || June 2017

Hello Lovelies,

So I can’t believe it is already July, how fast has this year went so far. As June is over I thought I would share my favourites for the past month. June was such a crazy fast month I went to blogger events, met new people and tried some amazing products. A few of the things in this list you may have already seen in previous posts or on my Instagram.

First on my list is the fragrance I have been using the most this month CK one Shock for her. Honestly, it is such a wearable sent both fruity and floral and It lasts so long.               Second is the Primark emergency kit that was in my last post I have used a few bits of this already and had to restock it but that just shows how useful this little kit is.

My go to lip colour this month has been the KatVon D liquid lipstick in Mother it is such a wearable colour that I can even pull off at work and it lasts so long. The formula isn’t drying or sticky it is just the perfect formula for a liquid lipstick and I will definitely be purchasing more of these in different colours. My next favourite this month is a bit of a random one, fortune cookies have been one of my favourites this month I just think they are a nice little treat and some of the messages are hilarious. My jewellery favourite this month is my statement earrings from Always make an entrance they are so sparkly and eye catching.

Now for my stationery and planner favourites for the month, first up we have my notebook from Write on it which I have previously featured on my blog. This notebook comes everywhere with me and it is perfect to jot down any notes I need to take or any ideas I might come up with while I’m on the go. I am still so in love with the paper quality of this notebook and it is definitely one I recommend purchasing. Second up is my HP Sprocket, I won this in the raffle at ScotCon in May and have fallen in love with it, It is such an amazing invention and I use it for my art journaling and just for every day if I have any photos I really want to print out. Lastly in this month’s favourites is the super cute functional planner stickers from Sticky Acorn, now I had never heard of this shop before this month but I was recommended it and I thought I would give it a try and I have fallen in love, the paper quality of the stickers is amazing and the super cute designs are to die for Definitely a shop to add to your Etsy favourites planner girls.

Until next month’s favourites check out my Instagram @chloegrahamblogger and check out all the shops linked in this post.


Chloe xoxo

2 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites || June 2017

  1. LOVE your marble photo background! I like a good liquid lipstick too – I use the NYX one sometimes. I can never make up my mind whether I like matte or glossy when it comes to lips. Fortune cookies are so random😂 My last one said “You are going to have an amazing future at Caledonian University”- I think it was a promo one… otherwise my future is about to take a really unexpected direction lol! I love stationary! It always creeps into my blog.


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