Adam || Theatre time.

Hello Lovelies,

So yesterday with work I got the chance to do something really exciting! I took part in a workshop and got to go to the theatre all thanks to the National Theatre of Scotland. We got to participate in a workshop that talked about all the different things that went in to theatre production and then we took the train to Edinburgh to see a show called Adam.

The workshop lasted an hour and we talked about what different things go into a production, sound, lighting, set design, props all those kind of things. It was really interesting and it gave us a little bit of knowledge about the sort of things we might be seeing in the performance.

We got the train into Edinburgh and headed to the Traverse Theater. When we made our way into the theatre the first thing that came to mind was ‘oh my gosh this place is so cute’ it feels so nice and cosy and just a really lovely little place as soon as you walk in. Downstairs before you go into the main theatre there is a lovely cosy bar area which I absolutely loved because the decor was so cute. Anyway on to the actual show…

Adam is a true story about a transgender man from Egypt who moves to Glasgow to be himself. It is the story of his journey and it is so well played out. The show has two actors who were amazing the female actress plays multiple characters and the male actor plays Adam. I think the most amazing thing about this is that the actor who plays Adam is actually Adam and it is his story personally I think that this add’s to the telling of the story because his emotions are put into his performance.

I experienced everything from sadness to laughing out loud while watching this show and I am so glad I got the chance to go and experience this. Adam is the most real life moving show I have ever seen.

If you are interested in going to see Adam (I highly recommend it) I will leave the link to tickets at the end of this post. They will be performing in Stirling and Glasgow in the coming month. Definitely a must see in my opinion!!

Chloe xoxo

Link to tickets- ย Click Hereย 

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